Lead Generation


KHW Marketing will develop a cost-effective lead generation strategy targeted to your needs. Combining multi-channel marketing efforts, including direct mail, email marketing automation, social media marketing, and sales automation. 


Starting from scratch? Are you currently using Microsoft Excel to manually manage your lead generation? KHW Marketing will help you build your customer database from the ground up or transform your existing database and lead generation engine into an efficient and equitable process.

Customer Acquisition


At the root of a successful customer acquisition is a fit between your brand value proposition and your customers' needs and interests. KHW Marketing will work to find your customers, engage them, and encourage them to take the call to action that you desire.


KHW Marketing will produce an approach that uses the ideal multi-channel promotional tactics for your business, including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and pay per click.

Customer Engagement


Building a connection with your brand's consumer has always been a key component of not only acquiring customers but maintaining that ongoing brand loyalty.


Today, more than ever, given the ubiquitous nature of social media and the fragmentation of advertising, it's crucial for businesses to consistently connect and engage with their customers with valuable and equitable content and resources to nurture and ultimately acquire customer loyalty and growth.


KHW Marketing will partner with you to build that retention and growth strategy to fit your needs.



Today, achieving growth requires a targeted engaging integrated multi-channel approach to marketing and communications.


Whereever you are in your business funnel -- whether you are raising awareness for a new mobile app, looking for new users for your cloud based software application, or simply wanting to increase your ecommerce revenue, KHW Marketing will partner with you to achieve your goals. 

"The secret of success is the consistency to pursue." 


- Harry F. Banks