How to Gain Leads From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software?

The first step to finding more leads is to fully understand your customer. Are you capturing sufficient information about your prospects and customers within your current lead generation strategy in order to gain that clarity? Often a few simple and free adjustments to your lead generation strategy that are already available to you within your website builder or web development platform can make a significant difference in your lead generation results. Additionally, obtaining a third-party qualitative or quantitative market or consumer research data provider to gain further customer insight could truly amp up your potential return on investment (ROI). The more data you capture about your customers, the more precise your lead generation will be.

Customer and Market Research Data

It is equally important to have clarity on your value proposition--how your products and services provide value to each of your customers and how they are going to alleviate your customers' pains and create gains for them. Is your significance the same for all of your customers, or do some customers have different challenges and opportunities?

Once you have a thorough understanding of your customer segments and your value propositions, you can use database marketing principles to grow your database. With the right technology for your individual needs, you can capture, import, organize, and analyze the data, and leverage the insights you extract to strategically build targeted mailing lists to market your value to your customers.

Next, I recommend developing precise lead nurturing and lead generation programs using CRM and Marketing Automation platforms to acquire, retain, and grow customers among your defined target. Set a budget for each program and keep in mind that when building the programs, each channel might have different customer acquisition costs. And of course, you will want to consider that some of your customers might not just be single transaction customers, but customers during a significant period of time. When you buy or utilize organic multi-channel media, you have to weigh the value of your customer relationship (also called customer lifetime value) with the cost and time it takes to acquire that person or group of people. Customizing each sales and marketing program with full understanding of these concepts will result in a better ROI.

Lastly, ensure you are using the ideal CRM and marketing automation technology to manage, segment, visualize, and leverage your data from for these programs. I’m happy to help you take the next step in your database marketing strategy.

*This is an elaboration of an answer I gave to a question on Quora, a knowledge sharing platform.

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